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An important objective of the CROS portal is to support collaboration within commmunities related to research and methodology (*) in Official Statistics.

In the menu structure of CROS, the home pages of the communities are regrouped under two headings:

  • ESSnet project teams
  • communities collaborating on a specific topic.

Under the heading “topic” various sub-types of communities are present:

  • communities collaborating and communicating on methodological aspects (Seasonal Adjustment, Big Data etc.)
    Membership in these communities is typically open to everybody wishing to join
  • expert groups (e.g. the ESS Directors of Methotology; DIME)
    Membership in these communities is typically open only to those colleagues in NSIs who have a responsibility for contributing to the proceedings and working documents of the community. On the other hand, the “public” part of the pages and documents of the group is visible to all portal visitors.
  • specific task forces and teams (e.g. the task force on Vision 2.0)
    As this concerns strictly internal collaboration within a community, membership is by invitation only, and the group home page is typically not visible at all to other portal visitors.

(*) Methodology having a wide definition, including e.g. standardisation and Enterprise Architecture.

This space aims to provide information on relevant initiatives on big data in the context of official statistics.

Join this group to stay updated on:

  • strategic documents

    • e.g. the UNECE document on big data and official statistics
  • relevant resources

    • introductory material
    • training courses
    • conference papers on Big Data
  • information on initiatives

    • projects in the ESS