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NTTS 2015 abstract submission


Below, please find the interface for submitting your NTTS 2015 unblinded abstract as well as your NTTS 2015 .ppt presentation.

The deadline for submitting your unblinded abstract for the to NTTS 2015 book of abstracts is 23 January 2015.

The deadline for submitting your presentation slides is 20 February 2015.


Access to the submission interface

You will only be able to access the submission interface if you’re logged in to CROS with the user account from which you conducted the paper submission. In the red box at the top of this page, click “View your previous submission”,and thereafter click on “Edit” in the table that appears.

Updating of paper title and author information

If there are slight changes to the paper title, or any changes in the author information or keywords, please update the corresponding fields.

Please make sure that the paper title, author information and keywords are consistent with the unblinded abstract – in case there are conflicting versions, the NTTS 2015 secretariat may use either of them for the conference programme and other material.

Submission of your unblinded abstract

Please note that the format for unblinded abstracts is standardised, and requires a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 A4 pages. (In case the addition of author information triggers the surpassing of the 4-page limit, this will be accepted.)

The NTTS 2015 book of abstracts template (available via is to be used; it is an “unblinded” version of the previous template – so if your previous submission was in full compliance with the previous template, all you have to do is to add the author names.

Only manuscripts in the .doc or .docx formats, which are in complete compliance with the template, will be accepted for the book of abstracts.

Author information

Please make sure to include the author information in the document itself, as indicated in the NTTS 2015 book of abstracts template.

File submission

Please use the field “unblinded abstract” to upload your abstract. Thereafter, please click “submit”. (You can revisit the form at a later point in time to submit your presentation slides.)

Submission of your presentation slides

This submission takes place via the same form, but doesn’t have to take place at the same time as for the unblinded abstract. (You could revisit this form later to submit your presentation slides.)

Format of your presentation slides

Please provide your slides in .ppt or .pptx format. Please bear in mind the time constraints for your presentation and adapt the number of slides (as well as their contents) accordingly.

Submission of your presentation slides

Please use the “Presentation slides” field to upload your presentation slides.

Submission of your posters

Optionally (if you’re presenting a poster), you may submit your poster, in which case it will be presented online on the NTTS 2015 site. However, please note you will still have to print your poster yourself and bring it to Brussels.