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ESS Big Data Action Plan and Roadmap 1.0

 ESSC doc 22_8_2014_EN_Final with ESSC opinion.doc
Document date:
Friday, September 26, 2014

The  European Statistical System (ESS) Big Data Action Plan and Roadmap 1.0 was elaborated by a Task Force composed of representatives of national statistical offices, the OECD, the UNECE, DG CONNECT, the JRC and academic experts. It is the response to the Scheveningen Memorandum that called for the adoption of an ESS action plan and roadmap by mid 2014.

The overall aim of the action plan and the roadmap developed in this document is to prepare the European Statistical System for integration of big data sources into the production of official statistics across the ESS. For this purpose the document describes actions according to different aspects of the integration of big data sources into official statistics, such as legal, methodological, ethical  or skills issues.The roadmap distinguishes between sort term goals, medium term objectives and long term visions and covers a time period between 2014 to 2020 and beyond.

The action plan and roadmap was endorsed by the European Statistical System Committee at its 22nd meeting on 26 Sep 2014 in Riga.

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