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ESSnet European System of Interoperable Statistical Business Registers
The ESSnet on Standardisation intends to continue the work of previous actions on standardisation by making use of their recommendations, results and achievements.
The Profiling project aims to facilitate the "profiling" of large and complex multinational enterprises (MNEs). It is a MEETS project
The main objectives for this project are the identification of best practices and the development of common methodology and ESS guidelines.
The project on Data Collection in Social Surveys (DCSS) aims at facilitating the introduction of web- and mixed-mode data collection in the ESS.
The ESSnet project “Decentralised and Remote Access to Confidential Data in the ESS” (DARA) deals with the implementation of a remote access system from Safe Centres in Member States to the European...
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Seasonal adjustment is an important step of the official statistics business architecture and harmonisation of practices has proved to be key element of quality of the output.